The roads

Where to ride on the Central Coast.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

The Central Coast is loaded with great riding opportunities. There are wide sweeping cruising roads, narrow twisties, gravel roads through the Coast Range and National Forest Service roads and trails.

The map below highlights a few of the best, but as long as you stay out of the cities and off the freeway you're likely to have a great ride.


The map shows some things worth seeing and roads worth riding on the Central Coast.
Click to open a LARGER MAP with legend.

In addition to the roads shown on the map, Route 1 through Big Sur (Carmel to Cambria) is an amazing ride. If the curves don't slow you down the scenic views definately will. Don't forget your camera.

For a completely different natural beauty check out the Carrizo Plain. Miles and miles beautiful country with nearly deserted roads, some paved - some not. For information check out the Dual Sporting the Carrizo Plains website.

If you have questions or see something we've missed, please post on the HUBB forum meeting page to share it with everyone.